Donations and Liturgy Intentions

On this page you can find links for instructions on how to either donate to Saint Josaphat's Monastery or to place an intention for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy or a Panakhyda.

If you wish to donate by cash, you can simply bring it to the monastery.

If you wish to donate furniture, religious images/icons, chalices, vestments, food, etc., please arrange it by calling or emailing the monastery before bringing it.

    We appreciate greatly your generosity in advance, 

Liturgy Intentions and Panakhyda:

Before leaving a stipend for an intention for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy or a Panakhyda (or even requesting one if one cannot afford to leave a stipend), please first arrange its acceptance with the monastery,

By emailing us at: or

Or by calling us at: (516) 671-0545

We would prefer emails so that we may have proper time to figure out which dates are available as we may not know for certain at the moment of a call.

Donate by Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal:

To donate by PayPal, Debit Card, or Credit Card, please donate using the PayPal link below, you do not have to create a PayPal account or login with one in order to donate:

Donate by Check or Money Order:

To donate to Saint Josaphat's Monastery, please either drop off the check or money order at the monastery or mail it to: 1 E BEACH DR, GLEN COVE NY 11542